September 26, 2015

Hideaway Woods

I know I am constantly saying how awesome North Carolina is but... IT IS! 
We became members of the Life & Science museum in Durham last month and it has already paid for itself. The kids love it and there is so much to do! 
Gateway Playground area is great for my active babes.
Dee loves this slide because his Sissy can go with him.
I couldn't keep up with the kids in butterfly area. They were amazed. 
Just like our many other adventures here, the kids love it because they can explore without me freaking out that they will break something. We've been to the museum several times already but last week was our first time to go look at the butterflies and insects.

We rode the train around this trip. It was a favorite. 
Now, they have a farm at Life and Science and the kids really love it as well. I cannot breathe when we are in that section so I keep attempting to skip it... last week they spent 20 minutes exploring a TRAILER! A trailer people!! I may be from Oklahoma but I think my kids are city kids! Ha!!
20 minutes in a trailer... who knew it would be so fun!
Now TODAY being a member of the museum really paid off. We got to experience their new attraction, Hideaway Woods, before it opens to everyone. It is AMAZING! I mean... so flipping cool. Never mind that it was pouring down rain because we played for 2 hours anyway.  My pictures do NOT do this place justice. I was having a hard time keeping up. Sammie was all over the place and she is only 3! I was a bit concerned about her getting to the top and freaking out. Yeah right! That kid was faster on the ropes that most big kids and took the big fast slide down a million times. 
This is where Mommy stopped. Couldn't carry Dee across this one and he was scared. 
I am in another tree house taking the pic to give you a height idea...

Super Sammie lapped that poor 6 year old sitting on the ropes more than once! 

Dee play also... just a little lower!
There is a creek the kids can play in (which reminds me... wet clothes in car!!) that we basically bathed in, a toddler area with small tree houses close to the ground and some stick houses. Once we started getting really wet I had to put away the camera so I missed those pics but so awesome. 
I cannot wait for friends to come visit so we can play!

September 25, 2015

Lunch Bunch

When I was a kid, I absolutely loved taking my lunch to school and my mom was super creative with each one. So, I was really excited to make Sammie's lunch this year. Only one problem, the kid is uber picky (I do not understand picky eaters) and that limits the "fun" factor for me. Soooo I've been taking pictures of her lunches each week and making mental notes about what she likes and doesn't like. I try to make them cute but I am NOT a Pinterest mommy. Just can't find the time for all that.

Anywho... This post is really so I can remember what she had and what she ate but sharing anyway!! 
Day One: Yogurt Covered Raisins*, Green Grapes (no like), Mandarin Oranges (apparently we only eat these at home), Dried Apples*, Ham, Cream Cheese Roll Up*

Day Two: Chobani Watermelon Tube*, PB & Honey Sandwhich (nope), Pink Goldfish*, Kiwi (it's green soooo no), Apples*

Day Three: Red Grapes & Blueberries*, Yogurt Covered Raisins*, Apple Starwberry Squeeze*, Crackers, Ham & Cheese (nope nope & nope).

Day Four: Freeze Dried Strawberries & Bananas(only ate the bananas), Blueberry Yogurt*, Mapel Bagel & Cream Cheese*, Banana*.

Day Five: Ella's Blueberry & Apple Juice*, YoTot Strawberry Beet & Berry Yogurt Pouch*, Raisins (she loves these and didn't touch! What?!), Ham & Cream Cheese Roll Up*.

And yes, I'm aware that there are no veggies in these pics. So far I can get her to stomach corn, sweet potato FRIES, and if bribed... Some broccoli. I've started using my dads tactics of just taking the plate away if she doesn't eat and then making her wait until the next meal. 
Meals are exhausting with picky kids. 

September 23, 2015

Green Acres...

Monday the kids and I attended a little play date at Phillips Farm in Cary. After a few moments of thinking Dee may never let go of me... It was a insanity trying to keep up with the 2 of them.
I have no idea why I find it so humorous when they stick their heads through these things but I do.
Sammie LOVED the cool slides. Her brother? Not so much. He did love digging in the rock pit but I have no pictures of that. I mean... We are lucky I have pics at all!
I couldn't figure out what pumpkins were black/red on this board so we jus moved them around for fun.
Bossy little mini me telling a sweet boy what his "job" was while pushing/riding tractors. 
Bouncing on the giant pillow. Sweet Dee stared at it for 15 minutes before he would try it. (At least one of our children uses caution)
Feeding the goats. I'm impressed they both wanted to do it because Mommy sure didn't! Blah!! 
There was a corn maze... We rode the "cow train" through it. It was fast and bumpy and my kids LOVED IT! I think I have future amusement park kids on my hands!! 
We had a great morning at Phillips Farm! 
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