Happy Haunting!

We had a wonderful Halloween! First time we have really participated in the events! 

Baby Dee was a wonderful Peter Pan and Sammie a beautiful Tinkerbell! 

Peter Pan did prefer Tink not hold him!!

Sammie was a joy to Trivk or Treat with!!! She ran from house to house saying "I got candy! That was so fun! Yayyyy!" My pics are bad but the memories in my heart are amazing! 

Tinkerbell was allowed 1 piece of candy and then it was off to bed. Surprisingly, she didn't out up a big fight. 

And yes, she's in blue PJs because no one makes unisex pjs for toddlers and my tinkerbell loves dinosaurs! 

Happy Halloween folks! -whitney 


Happy 4th of July!!

I was so happy we were able to celebrate the 4th of July this year in Lake City. I have been telling the hubs about how much I love it for years!! And even more exciting... some of our favorite family friends from Oklahoma were in town for the festivities!! 

We began the morning at the local parade...
Ballerina, Colt and Lil Sam.
I swear we will see these 2 on their way to prom together some day.
Baby Dee got in on the parade action also!!

Ballerina was such a good girl during the parade. She watched and laughed and pointed and most importantly... collected a big bag of candy!! (That I took away... hahaha mean mommy)

After the parade there was a little park time with daddy...

Then all the friends headed to my parents cabin for some goooooood food!!

Of course we attempted to take a pic of all the kids... hahahahaha

Very fun day! So grateful for such wonderful family and friends!!


Lake City!!

A quick photo blast from the mountains!!
Tutu & Ballerina talking a walk by the river during one of our picnics at Lake Fork.

Lake City supplied us with several things that were very beneficial to our trip... Coffee Shop being #1 and a PARK!! We went to the park every day!!

Even brother had fun at the park!
We had many a picnic while in the mountains. Ballerina loved every single one!

Dee in his new camo hat!
Dee & Pappy...

Every girl needs a fly fishing shirt and camo hat!!
Learning to "clink" or cheers!
One day there was a bear safety lesson at the park... so naturally we had to attend.

Eating out with a 2 year old is always a challenge.
Lunch at the park one day with Tutu & Janice!
Nothing like a little roast beef sandy... Mmmm
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One of the biggest highlights of our trip was dinner on top of Gold Mountain. 
Simply breathtaking!

Yes, we put our 2 year old and 4 month old on the mountain side alone for photo op!

It was a great vacay... So happy we were able to make it up to the mountains!!
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