Road Trippin'

Ever since Brian and I began dating we have been trying to get to my parents little fishing cabin in Lake City, CO. It was just impossible from NYC. This year... we FINALLY made it happen. 

Nothing like a road trip with a 4 month old and 2 year old. Woooooooo!

The plan was to leave late afternoon, stop a few hours later and eat dinner and then everyone get into PJs and sleep the next 5 hours in the car before we stop. Hoping to get the majority of the trip out of the way while the kids sleep and making Day 2 of the trip much easier. 
Things started off great. We stopped in some crazy small town, ate at Dairy Queen and changed clothes. Then... Dee fell asleep and someone else... well... She was WAY TOO EXCITED!
playing with her pillow.     

She watched Frozen, Tinkerbell and Annie... then... we turned off the iPad and she talked and talked and talked. She finally fell asleep about 10pm! Never whined or misbehaved.  It was pretty funny.
Crazy girl sleeps.

We checked into our hotel, fed the baby, crazy ol Samantha woke up and took a bath and then at midnight... we all crashed!! 

The next day, we decided to let Sammie take a little swim in the hotel before heading out again. Hoping to get her all tuckered out before strapping her down for 5 hours.

Loving my little travel buddies!!


Back to the Gym... for Ballerina anyway.

We had to take a break from "nastics" for the last 6 months because Mommy was in no shape for "mommy & me" classes. Sammie was so very happy when we got to return to the gym this June!
 She was 18 months old on her last day. Now at 2 I could see a huge difference in her maturity. (ha!! maturity... who knew?!) 

In the pit.

Patiently waiting her turn to jump. 
 She waited her turn without me holding her down! It was a miracle!! 

The bars are her favorite!
 One area that still could use some improving is working with "props". She really prefers to do her own thing when they have bean bags, flags, balls... you name it!

 She was a rock star on the balance beam. Refused to hold my hands!!
Mat on beam is their "surf board"

Back roll!!

So happy we are back at BCG


Electric Parade!

Our last night was spent at the Magic Kingdom.
I broke down and let Sammie stay up WAY past bedtime to see the Electric Parade. 

The pics are not the best because it was dark and ya know... I was carrying a 3 month old. BUT... I am so happy we have them.

Sammie is so so excited to see Tinkerbell...
 There was a LOT of pointing going on!

 And then we started to dance!!! (OBVIOUSLY!!)
 It had been 15+ years since I had been to Disney World. I cannot wait to return!! So much fun!

Do you see that smile?
Clapping to the beat!!
Disney, you were so much fun! Thank you!!
We will return in a few years when our kiddos are age appropriate for the trip!

BONUS... A pretty dark video but I want to make sure I still have it somewhere!


Disney's Animal Kingdom

 On our last big full day at Disney, we went to the Animal Kingdom. 
With the girl that loves animals, I figured we couldn't lose!

Daddy, Coco, Tutu & Sammie riding the dino ride!!
 The dinosaur ride was just like Dumbo and we rode it MANY MANY times!! 
Hey, no lines!! Why not?!

Somehow, Pappy talked us into waiting over 30 minutes for the safari ride. With a kid that was awful at dinner the night before, we assumed she would never wait... BUT... she was AWESOME!!
GIRAFFES!! Or as they are called at our house... giraffeeeeees!
Uncle Coco had the best seat... so Sammie needed to share it.
Telling everyone what animals she saw.
Is that Rumble?
Elephants were a BIG HIT!!
Who knows....

After a long day at the Animal Kingdom, Sammie passed out on the bus back to the hotel. Good thing because she needed all her energy for the Electric Parade later that evening!! 
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