Long Time No See!!

After a LONG hiatus from the blog... we are BACK!!

Someone, me perhaps, didn't adjust well to going back to work and having 2 babies! I am semi-functional again so we will get all caught up!!

How come no one told me life with 2 babies was crazy? 


Ballerina's First Competition

Just a short 3 weeks after Baby Dee was born, my SCD kiddos went to dance competition. 
Ballerina and I decided to brave the scene and go cheer them on. 

As we normally do when we take girl trips, we stopped at Starbucks. 

Ballerina got to buy herself a little gift at the dance shop. She selected a purse that looks like a tutu! 

A little snack break to keep us from running out onto the stage! 

The kiddos running through their choreography in the hallways.

Tutu might have allowed Ballerina to put on REAL makeup during the last day of a 4 day event. 

And yes, we are creating a little star! 


Crazy Uncle Coco

When Uncle Coco comes to visit, it is normally around football season. 
We love it when he visits! And... little Ballerina was super excited to have a new playmate. 

Ballerina teaching Uncle Coco to read. ;)

Start on page 1 and then flip realllly fast... the end!

Building tunnels and forcing Uncle Coco to act like a fool! 

Baby Dee checking out this stinky guy...
We love you Coco!!


Sibling Love

It is the most amazing thing to see the way Ballerina loves her brother. 
From the very first moment she saw him... she loved him.

This is just a fun picture post. 

Meeting Baby Dee for the first time. 
She was not too keen on the hospital. 
Cuddles with Mommy, Dee and her baby!

Ballerina has learned to climb into the crib. Oh my!

And... already torturing the poor kid. 

Every morning she needs to "hold it" before school.

Not sure Dee enjoys this "help" but we think its pretty sweet. 

Learning to feed her babies with Mommy.
I know there will be plenty of days when I am just trying to keep them from killing each other... so I am cherishing every loving moment I get now. It is the coolest thing to watch!

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