November 7, 2015

Photo Dump for the Grandparents

I take a bazillion pictures! Every so often I will just post a random group of photos for the grandparents that live all over the USA to see. 

Anna dress! 

Hanging out in the patrol car that visited school. 

So hungry he is eating applesauce from his shirt. 

Grammy sent me a BIKE!!! Woooooooo
Learning to use their new toys!

Sammie forcing Dee to have a Tea Party

Naked is his favorite outfit. He also spiked his hair with applesauce in this pic.

We've entered the almost 2s with tantrums in public. SHOOT ME NOW.
Playing at Marbles with Letters!

His favorite new face! 
Goodness Dee is getting ornery! BOYS!!! And shocking... Sammie is getting pretty sweet. 
But they're both pretty freaking awesome!

November 6, 2015

Autumn is here!

Last Friday, we headed out to the park because it was finally warm and dry-ish.

Normally the kids run for the "bumpy slide" and never look back but today we found a catapillar and literally "played" with it for 30 minutes. 

After the poor creature decided to "take a nap", I got the kids to run out some energy. 

I wish I could capture on film the pure joy that is Dee running with his sister. The kid adores her. It is so sweet to watch. 

I tried to get a good pic of the kids super happy faces on the tire swing but I didn't do too well. (Mommy has to keep hands on the kids!) 

I thought I had done a great job wearing them out but much to my dismay the kids BOTH skipped their nap. Sooo like any good momma we had a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving watch party. 

Our complex brings in food trucks every now and then which is a fun way to switch up dinner. So once Daddy got home, we hopped in our new wagon and walked to the truck! 

Today's truck was OakCity Fish n Chips. Yummy!! So happy my kids love fish! 

Here's to many more fabulous fall days ahead! -Whitney 

All Hallows Eve 2015

Who knew that you could celebrate Halloween for a week straight?! Welcome to the final installment of our Halloween festivities... ALL HALLOWS EVE! Thankfully some very sweet new friends invited us to their neighborhood for the occasion.  

About 4:30 on Halloween we headed to one of Sammie's schoolmates house for a pre-trick or treat gathering. It was so nice to watch Sammie and Dee interact with other kiddos. AND... Brian and I actually had conversations with ADULTS!! 

Pre Party Grubbing
This kid can eat!
After the party, we changed into costumes and the real fun began!
Our little Buzz LightYear.
Our friends had this fabulous cat in the yard and the girls were so obsessed. Little Buzz LightYear was a tad terrified of the cat but did try to tell it off at one point! 
Strawberry & Alice
Most of the time the kids were so busy all I captured were blurs! 
Brian did manage to capture a pic or two that looked "normal" for our household.
Alice... not so tight!
Trick or Treat
You guys! This neighborhood was so much fun!! Everyone got into the spirit. Parents, Grandparents and children all dressed up. There was a "real" Minnie & Mickey passing out candy, treats for both children and adults at the houses AND tons of fun decor! 
It's Mickeeeeeey! 
Dee was pretty skittish at about this whole business at first. Once he finally wanted to go up to houses, I would go with him. He would sheepishly take a piece of candy and then hold it. I said "put it in your bag" a million times. Well... after sneaking a piece of candy he figured out what was happening AND... he ran to the next house so fast. I get up there just in time to see him shove his bag at the sweet lady and hear him say "IN DA BAG"! From that moment on it was hard to keep up with this new little trickster! 
Now, Dee snuck quite a bit of candy between houses. He was putting wrapped candy in his mouth and we would just find him spitting out wrappers!! He is CRAZY! 

Once the festivities began to die down, we headed home. Sammie was allowed 2 pieces of candy and then she left her bag (full of candy) on the table for the "Switch Witch". (I hear you can purchase these Switch Witch dolls but thats not what we do.) We read the idea somewhere last Halloween and decided to adopt the practice. How it works for us:
1- Collect candy and only eat 2 pieces.
2- Leave your treat bag for the "Switch Witch"
3- Wake up on Nov. 1 with no candy and a present in its place!
Sammie was sooooo excited to see this doll the next morning! She only asked what happened to her candy once and hasn't been a thought since!! This plan works so nicely for us because we really try to limit sugar for our kids but want them to go and have fun on Halloween.
Alice In Wonderland from the "Switch Witch"
And if you're wondering... NO, Dee did not "qualify" for a present. He ate his weight in wrapped candy!! Plus... Mommy forgot to get one thinking he wouldn't notice! Oopsy!

Happy Haunting Folks!
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