December 17, 2015

Princess Party

On Saturday, Sammie went to a friends birthday party and she was in heaven! 

We arrived to a room filled with every dress up dress you could imagine. Sammie selected her dress in an instant! (I just knew she was going to want to switch but not the case) A beautiful Auroa dress. From there she selected jewelry while waiting for Princess Belle to help her with her hair. 

People! The wall of hair was Sammies favorite. She went with a big, thick, brown braided ponytail. Then belle helped to place her tiara.

She then played with jewelry for quite sometime until it was time for the big make up session! 

She loves make-up! Loves it!! First she received glittered nail polish. 

Then it was the solid 1985 choice of hot pink shimmer lips with electric blue eye shadow! 

So incredibly proud of her choices! 

The girls all huddled up with Belle to learn about walking in their fashion show.

The girls came out one by one on the red carpet and twirled. Sammie LOVED having a captive audience. I haven't any idea where she gets that! 

Then it was off to a tea party. Rocking her blue eyes, pink lips & brunette ponytail she sipped her pink lemonade with pride. 

Such a fun party! Thank you Madison for a great afternoon! 

December 16, 2015

Papa is here!

Enjoying the 70 degree weather in December we played outside all weekend!! It was fabulous. 
Painting with her new easel and paints!

Dee plus plaint= bad news. 
Taking full advantage of our amazing weather we wore shorts, sleeveless tops and ate froyo outside!

On Sunday we were having too much fun for Mommy to take photos. 
We took Papa to the Marbles Children's Museum and had a ball. The kids were super active. I cannot imagine how they will be up early... but they will be! 
Dee leading Papa to the fun! 
What a fun weekend! Looking forward to many more trips from Papa now that we live on the same coast! -Whitney 

December 14, 2015

Christmas Part 1

Papa is in NC to celebrate part one of Christmas with us!!! 
Sammie & Dee helped create the wrapping paper. 
Sammie was more excited to unwrap give Papa his gift than you could possibly imagine. So we had to exchange gifts almost immediately upon his arrival! She even told him some outlandish story about going to the store, looking and shoes and thinking "these would be the perfect shoes for Papa!" What?!! She's a mess. 

Dee gets to forward face now!! 
I couldn't get Dee on video and photo just doesn't capture how excited he was opening his gift!! He jumped, did the Paps "ooooooo" like a true Crites and was smiling ear to ear. 
Dee learning to unwrap his gift.
Sammie was super cute opening gifts. She is still in the let's unwrap everything phase and not too into understanding what's inside but we will get there...
She may be an artist like her Daddy.
Cutting Food!!! 
Happy Happy Girl.
Dee was instantly obsessed with his Thomas the Train set. He knows the sound it makes if anyone is touching it... and that is a NO NO! 
Mesmerized by Thomas the Train. 
Not sure who had the most fun. Papa and Daddy sure seemed to enjoy the new play food for the kitchen!
Sammie got to open one of her gifts from Tutu and Paps the next morning because it went along with a gift from Papa. She got this easel and I am pretty sure she will spend days on end here. 
Master Piece! 

What a fun first day with Papa. Cannot wait to see him again soon in NJ! 

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