Parks & Rec

So one of the things I absolutely love about North Carolina is the parks! I swear we go to a new park every week! All within 15 minutes of our house. They're always clean, have clean bathrooms & are a great way to get us moving.

So far one of our favorites is Pullen Park. Free unless you want to ride the train, carousel or boats but a ticket is just a dollar. So not too bad. 
Brother is starting to have quite the personality! He's so happy when he is allowed to do activities with his sister! 
Brother was not super excited about the ride until round 2.
The carousel goes a bit fast for this momma but the kids love it. 
I love the train! It gives me 5 minutes to breathe and the kids both love it!!
And would you believe there is also a big sand pit?!! We take our beach toys and go to town digging. 
This doesn't even compare to a normal park! We love it. They also have a snack bar that serves local in season foods. It's pretty good!
We also enjoy the much much smaller pArk at Waverly Place. It has a tiny splash pad and sits inside a little shopping center. We like to go get some energy out and then grab a snack at whole foods. 
ThIs past weekend we decided to take turns enjoying the quiet of a restaurant while the kids played. Not a bad way to wait on food! They just so happened to have a back to school party happening.
So someone got to ride a pony while we waited. 
And the we had some good ol' Carolina BBQ!

We love it here! -whitney 


Ballerina goes to School

So had we still lived in Oklahoma, Ballerina would be in full time school + after hours care but since I am not working here... She's been home with me all day everyday for 6 weeks. Not sure how either of us feel about that! No no no... I kid... She loves me.

Back to the Ballerina. When we moved I was clueless about what to do for schools. Lucky for me (and my princess) we made some friends who go to PreK at a...DANCE STUDIO! Yup! You know I jumped on that opportunity as soon as I could. And the ballerina LOVES it.

I tried getting her to hold the sign but she really wanted to "read" it. So we have some awkward shots. And I love them all anyway. 

Seriously people... She said "I see all my new friends in there". I melted. I'm so glad she is into making new friends and embracing this move.  

Here's to new friends!


We live by the beach!!

Okay so maybe we live 2 hours from the beach but it's sooooo great!!!

2 weeks ago we headed down to wrightsville beach in Wilmington and had a fabulous weekend getaway! 
After our drive down, we went straight to eat at Dockside. Probably the only bad idea of the entire weekend. The kids had way too much energy to sit and wait for food. Next time... Cheap eats & to the beach!!! But while waiting we got some fun photos. 
Sammie even batted her eye lashes enough for some poor soul to let her sit on his jet ski while she waited.

Then it was beach time!!! My kids are definitely my kids... They loved it! 

My kids also LOVE hotels. Why is that? I remember loving them as a kid also. (Wait till you live in them for a national tour kids!!) 

The next day was fabulous and we wished we had stayed longer!! I love this state!!! 
Ballerina was barely out of the water but when she was... This is what happened!!
I love that he was trying to kiss her and she couldn't run away!! So fun!

More beaches in our future for sure!


A year and a half?!!

My baby boy is 18 months old! WHAT?? 

A very merry un-birthday to this fella! 
This little guy is such a joy!! Such a light in our lives!!

Weighing in at a big 25 pounds and still only in the 30% for height. (Which is better than 5% at our 1 year check up!) This boy is my smarty pants and comedian. 

Just this week he has started speaking in sentences. Mostly, "I want... a cracker, milk, a movie, a song, Buzz, my puppy..." there is a long list. 
His favorite person in our house is "Sissy" unless Paps is here and then... Paps is the favorite. 
His favorite food... well... all food. The kid is a human garbage disposal.
Every morning he jumps (I MEAN JUMPS) for joy 
when his daddy allows him to share his breakfast before work. 
He is super sweet. 
Sleeps likes a freaking angel and those eyes!! 

On Monday, this cute boy woke up saying the following...
"Mom! Mom!.... Mom!..... Dad, I want MOM!" 
Yup... the kid knows what he wants. Who cares that it was 5:55am... Both Brian and I cracked up.

Happy 1/2 Birthday Sweet Boy!

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