Electric Parade!

Our last night was spent at the Magic Kingdom.
I broke down and let Sammie stay up WAY past bedtime to see the Electric Parade. 

The pics are not the best because it was dark and ya know... I was carrying a 3 month old. BUT... I am so happy we have them.

Sammie is so so excited to see Tinkerbell...
 There was a LOT of pointing going on!

 And then we started to dance!!! (OBVIOUSLY!!)
 It had been 15+ years since I had been to Disney World. I cannot wait to return!! So much fun!

Do you see that smile?
Clapping to the beat!!
Disney, you were so much fun! Thank you!!
We will return in a few years when our kiddos are age appropriate for the trip!

BONUS... A pretty dark video but I want to make sure I still have it somewhere!


Disney's Animal Kingdom

 On our last big full day at Disney, we went to the Animal Kingdom. 
With the girl that loves animals, I figured we couldn't lose!

Daddy, Coco, Tutu & Sammie riding the dino ride!!
 The dinosaur ride was just like Dumbo and we rode it MANY MANY times!! 
Hey, no lines!! Why not?!

Somehow, Pappy talked us into waiting over 30 minutes for the safari ride. With a kid that was awful at dinner the night before, we assumed she would never wait... BUT... she was AWESOME!!
GIRAFFES!! Or as they are called at our house... giraffeeeeees!
Uncle Coco had the best seat... so Sammie needed to share it.
Telling everyone what animals she saw.
Is that Rumble?
Elephants were a BIG HIT!!
Who knows....

After a long day at the Animal Kingdom, Sammie passed out on the bus back to the hotel. Good thing because she needed all her energy for the Electric Parade later that evening!! 


More Disney!

 After we went back to the hotel to nap, I had to head to Epcot for classes with my students.
Daddy, Sammie and the cousins did some swimming before meeting us.
MY SCD Kids with Goofy!
 I am SO MAD that I didn't have room on my phone for pics and my camera was packed away. Sammie was a DELIGHT at Epcot. She sang and danced for all sorts of strangers and even stayed up WAY past bedtime to watch the fireworks. She loved them!! And... I got no good photos. I suck. 

The next day we decided to spend the 1st half of the day at the hotel pool and taking it easy.
Being crazy in the room.

Snack time by the pool.
Lounging poolside.
 Sammie was a hoot in the kiddie pool! Mommy didn't get to play too much since she had a broken foot but got to take lots of pictures!!

Kid loves to jump!

So much fun!!
 While Sammie and Daddy took the worlds longest nap... Mommy hit the bus with her dancers! Thanks to Angela for keeping Baby Dee that day!!
All ready to go on the bus!!  
 A few pics from their show!!

 The SCD Dancers were a HUGE hit with the crowd at Disney!! So much fun!!

After the show we hit a restaurant from dinner (where Sammie was on her WORST behavior EVER!) and then played in the rain for a bit while waiting on the insanely slow Disney Bus. 
Riley, Sammie & Addi waiting for the bus @Downtown Disney.
Day 2 in the books and we loved it!!


2nd Birthday... Mickey Style!

Way back in May, Sammie turned 2!!
We happened to be at Disney World with the SCD kids that weekend. Soooo... Someone got a very special birthday!

Checking out the characters during breakfast.
 We were very fortunate that our family from the East joined us!!
Addison, Samantha & Riley Brown at Disney World.  May 24, 2014
 Riley and Samantha were a tad scared of the characters (Tigger scared the day lights out of both girls) at first but Addi jumped right in to meet Mary Poppins!! Getting autographs and all. 

She's not so sure about this lady yet.

The Mad Hatter sand Happy Birthday to Sammie!!

Cousin Addi and the Mad Hatter!
 Once breakfast was over, we headed to the Magic Kingdom!! Nothing like tea cups first thing in the morning!! Right Paps?
Sammie with her Daddy & Pappy.
It was a toasty day at the park. Baby Dee was barely 3 months old at the time. We spent the day practically naked, under a blanket with a mister. Life is rough.

 Dee had a small meltdown at one point from the heat. Did you know that Disney has these fabulous rooms for you to sit in AC with your baby, feed them, rock them, change their diapers in a clean place! Only one baby care center per park so you need to be sure you know where they are located but so nice! They also have items for purchase if you are desperate.
Riding the DUMBO ride.
These 2 are nuts.
But 1st... let me take a selfie.
Samantha LOVED the DUMBO ride. When we finished she kept telling him to "GO UP DUMBO!" It was so fun to share the excitement with her!!
Waving to Daddy & Dee!
 We had a wonderful first day at Disney! And this is only the portion before nap!!
Nothing like seeing life through the eyes of your child!! She was a happy kid and so were we!
A few 2 year old stats...
Favorite Character/Show:  Mickey Mouse Club House 
Favorite Food:  Raisins
Favorite Restaurant: Rays BBQ
OBSESSION:  Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed!!!
Other likes:  Thunder, BIG TRUCKS.
Dislikes:  Green Beans, Green Beans and Green Beans.

Happy #2 Baby Girl!
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