I think I'm Gonna Like It Here

What a fun weekend! On Saturday we made new friends (thank you cousin Krissi!) and enjoyed our little town a bit. 
We attended the Apex Farmers Market which was celebrating "Christmas in July"! Ballerina wanted NO part of Santa but was really into the music students playing carols. She told me she needs a "tar"... I assume this means guitar. 
We also met our local firemen and got to tour their truck! 

After a brief stint at the market we went to lunch with our new friends at a little place downtown called the Blistered Pig. It was great food & they were so kind when we said there would be 5 diners under age 4. (The former server in me was dying for them) 
Brother really enjoyed the... BUTTER. 
I mean... The kid ate butter straight front the cup and then announced to a table of 11 "MMMmmmm". For real? He's a mess. 
On Sunday we headed to Marbles Children's Museum for the morning. THIS PLACE IS AWESOME!! 
When your kids can touch everything and you know they're having a blast... So awesome!! So many learning tools!! 
Brother was obsessed with the ambulance. 
It only took one visit for me to buy a membership for the family for the year. I feel we will be here a lot!! 
We've survived our first full week in NorthCarolina  and I must say "I think I'm Gonna Like It Here"!! 



Fun Filled Friday!

This whole "Stay-At-Home Mommy" thing is no joke! I am exhausted by noon! I totally thought I would be sitting by the pool all day doing nothing while my children entertained themselves! Hahaha
No no no... I knew what I signed up for! Hence why I was scared to death about it! 

Like I told the hubs today, as long as I have plenty of things planned and I am prepared, we have a great day! And today was a great day. (Someone may have lost her new castle for the day after locking brother in his room... But that's pretty standard right?) 

First, my daughter emerged from bed as Auroa. So we made breakfast as a princess. 
And brother was very helpful while cooking along side us. 

You gotta lick the spoon!!

And in one of my finer parenting moments, I took her pic while she was distraught over brothers locked room. 
After everyone was freed we headed to the pool. I swear, all this swimming is why I'm exhausted. 
We had a little picnic and brother learned to blow bubbles in the water! 
After some much needed quiet time we painted bird houses. I'm pretty sure we painted everything but the houses...
Master pieces for sure!!! 
But the most fun we had all day was cleaning up our mess! 

It's a good thing we have daddy home for the next 2 days! I need to recharge!!! 



So today the kids and I headed over to this place called BigE Bounce. Cost me next to nothing to entertain my kiddos indoors for 2 hours while it poured outdoors. 

This is the toddler room. It was fabulous! Brother preferred to sit with me and watch Ballerina the first 30 minutes or so. Then some other kids came in and he went to town chasing after the toddler ladies. (The kid is really the biggest flirt ever) 

We didn't take too many pics because I was busy running around with them. After about an hour in the toddler room I let Ballerina head over to the big kid room. I managed to get a pic or 2 but that's about it. She loved it. 
Climbing way up to slide down. Brother was sad he was too small. 
And playing a bit of soccer! Her daddy would be so proud. 

We will more than likely frequenting this place! 

Now I just gotta make it through Friday before Daddy is home all day too! Yippeeeeee -whitney 


Butterfinger Ice Cream

In an attempt to keep the children happy (& myself sane) until we make friends here... It's activity central for us! It's only 7pm and I'm pooped!!! Hoping the kids are also! 

Today started with making Tutus Butterfinger Ice Cream! 

I have this hilarious video of Brother pounding the bag of Butterfinger with a meat tenderizer. Unfortunately I can't get it to post. 

Ballerina got to "lick the bowl". Soooo much fun. 
After lunch & naps... Everyone was rewarded with ice cream. Why Brother insists on eating it with fingers I will never know. 

Who knows what tomorrow's project will be! 
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